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Talk with your racquet, play with your heart. Badminton is more then just fun! A good game draws on your skill, strength, endurance, coordination and composure - things worth striving for.


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Coaching is more than just being able to hit a few shots - coaching is about laying the foundation, teaching basic skills in proper sequence. Good coaching can make you not only a winner but also avoid injuries.


Beginner Class

Get coached with basic skills including basic gripping technique, footwork, serve, strokes and stance. Avoid or correct the incorrect shots and turn your play into an intermediate level.


Learn proper technique/quality of shots including (length of rally, power, placement/accuracy and creativity), reduce errors, improve on quality of footwork (agility and coverage), physical endurance and mentality.


The goal is to see our students compete on Frisco Badminton’s Junior Competition Team! A minimum of 3 days of training per week is required for our junior competition students to qualify for this program.


At the Elite stage, all the basic skills are performed with quality and flair. Players are able to concentrate on more detailed aspects of the skills and the tactics required, producing surprise elements if needed.

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Badminton Program

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