Train at one of the best badminton facilities in North Texas. Frisco Badminton ​Academy's (FBA) programs are customized to suit the growing diverse needs of citizens ranging from recreation to competitions. Our programs are designed to train and enhance a multitude of badminton skills that can eventually become life long skills for recreation, health and well-being for individuals aspiring to lead an active lifestyle. Coaching and professional sparring opportunities with some of the best badminton professionals in the United States are the hallmarks of FBA programs. To not merely stop at training players in basic footwork and practice playing strong rallies, our programs are holistically equipped to transform beginners into professional players.

Private lessons(​1-on-1 training)

Are you looking for a way to turbo charge your game into new heights? Look no further ​for​ ​the​ private lessons offered by ​our certified USAB coaches could help you achieve that goal! ​To become a proficient badminton player, ​one needs to acquire a ​robust​ foundation, ​precision in ​form and ​accurate​ techniques.​ Individualised training classes ​at FBA include all the attributes needed for achieving just that! Holistic mentoring from the coaches is one of the key features of the private lessons offered at FBA.  

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Beginner Class

Whether you have just recently picked up a racket or would like to represent your school in the upcoming season, we have what you’re looking for! F​BA​ offers group training for both beginners and intermediate level students who would like to learn and improve on their current badminton skills.​ While this level is considered to be the 'starter' level, it must be well understood that this level training is essential to begin with for building a solid foundation of basic skills that are indispensable to continue towards elite level training.​

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Beginner Gold

​Designed to serve children from ages six to eight, this program is aimed at hand-picking young children from the community to compete at elite competitions in about an year's time.  Children chosen to join this program have moderate hand and eye coordination skills and are fairly athletics. Considered to be a starter program for children to eventually transform into elite players, this level is one of the best offerings at FBA for young children aspiring to grow with badminton as a key aspect of their sporting life.

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